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Bite Beauty The Lip Pencil - Two Ways to Make Your Lips Pop

Bite Beauty The Lip Pencil - Two Ways to Make Your Lips Pop

We're back with another double-sided look! In this video, Jen uses Bite Beauty Lip Liner to compare two different ways to draw your lip liner on with an every day look to a bold night-out look. This lip liner tutorial will show you how to make your lips pop without highlighting your wrinkles using products with natural and organic ingredients.


You may think I look a little funny right now. This is a lip liner tutorial that will show you how to do your lip liner for an everyday look or a night time look and what the differences are side to side. The techniques are really the same. You want to get yourself a really really tight line to put it on, have the correct product handy, which is a well sharpened pencil, and also either a little bit of your foundation and a brush that’s thin, but not knife edge, and or some concealer. You can use what you’ve used below your eyes. Or you can pop it just a little bit more for an extra special look. And here we go.

So with my new Bite Pencil in 014 on this side we’re gonna do overdrawn. So I go out to the corner of my lip. And come in to make sure that we’ve still got a spot in the middle that doesn’t have any color on it and we go up and then straight down. Now when you have wrinkles and bad eyesight you have to get really close to see what you’re doing. You have to make sure that you tighten up the line so that it doesn’t get in between because that is just bad. So giving yourself a really tight line to work with I call this the “show me what’s in between your teeth” smile can really help. And then you can see how we quickly approach drag queen. I think I messed it up right there, which is fine because we’re going to erase that. 

I have a really pretty solid lower lip, so I’m just gonna go all the way down to like the very bottom of my natural line and it’s going to look like it’s pretty out there. So besides the fact that this is purple, this side is going to look like Lucille Ball.

And this side here we’re gonna go really conservative which is what most people like to do. Here again I’m getting a really tight lip line and I’m just gonna go right inside my natural line. It’s a lot easier for me to do this because this is what I would do on a normal basis. Make sure you still get a peak up here. And first, I blend with my finger and then what I’m going to do is tighten up the line with this side I’m just going to take my foundation powder and do just a little tiny bit.

This brush -god I can’t even read that - 214SE by MAC -it has this really cool little -it’s kinda rounded, but not super round and it’s flat, but not knife thin. So I’m going to take a little bit of the powder and knock it off on my hand and get in here and just go right under that line to tighten it up. So there I have a conservative side and what we’re gonna do with Lucille Ball since it’s more of a night time goin' out look is we’re gonna take -if I can still get any of the Illusionist Concealer -I’m using the 030. And I’m going to put this on my hand as a palette because it’s not going to work to use this. We need a really precise line. And over top to really really like get that in.

And when you a lighter concealer than your foundation and line your lip really tight next to your lip line in the industry they call that the Playboy Bunny Look because this technique was first used by Playboy Bunny makeup artists.

I’m gonna show you two different looks that I really like to do with lip liner. For one, you can fill it way in almost to the very inside and put lip gloss on it  and since my lips get really dry and this is Colorado I’m going to use my favorite lip gloss which is my own. Version.O in version Perfect. I call this version Perfect because it is the perfect pink. It looks good on every skin tone. So you can use your finger if you want. I’m not afraid of it. You can use a brush. Especially because I’m really not getting the lip gloss all the way out to the edge. It’ll find its way out there anyway.

On the other side, I’m going to use a really really nice light lip gloss. I’ll guess we’ll do Restraint. It also is slightly purply and has a little bit of frost. So you’ll see how blending in the lipstick you get a lot less dramatic look on this side.

You can see just looking at me that it’s very different from side to side. And here we have the normal side. Sort of an every day look. And now we’ve got the overdrawn or dramatic side. Not to say you can’t do this one all the time. And that is how you do lip liner for the over 40 crowd. It’s not gonna move and it’s not gonna show your lines…at least not until you’ve had a couple glasses of wine. 





The MAC Brush is no longer available. Here is an equivalent substitute:

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