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Anastasia Beverly Hills Classic Eyebrow Stencil

Anastasia Beverly Hills Classic Eyebrow Stencil

In this video we show you two different ways to draw your eyebrows on by free-handing it or using stencils by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Whether your eyebrows have thinned out over time from over-tweezing or you lost the hairs completely from chemotherapy, we know the struggle and we're here to provide some options!


Hello! Thank you for joining. You may wonder why I look so strange this time around. I have made an attempt to blot out my eyebrows. You can probably still see them there. And I’m doing this to demonstrate that when you lose your hair from chemo a lot of times people lose their eyebrows and sometimes even eye lash hairs too. I have not gotten there. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen. Cause uh it’s really a pain in the butt.

Here’s what we’re gonna do, I just bought these Anastasia of Beverly Hills templates. Thank goodness they come by themselves without product because we all know how picky I am about what goes in the product. I don’t care about what goes in the plastic, these are all going to be plastic. I’m also going to show you how to make a classic eyebrow shape all on your own, so that you don’t need a template. And here we go.

Now when making your own eyebrow shape, the classic shape follows just some simple geometry of your face, which is going to be different from side to side, so that when we do them on each side it’s going to be important to go back through with your brush and the color to eyeball and even them out. That’s one thing that’s really great about using a template is that as long as you’ve got it placed correctly you don’t have to do that at all.

Here’s how we do a classic brow.  You want to take the end of your brush at the end of your nose and go straight up which will intersect the corner of your eye and that’s where you should start. As you can see, mine actually starts there. Let’s see if it happens on the other side. It kinda starts there, but it’s a little thin over here so I usually fill it in a little bit more. And then you take your same placement and go to the -from the outer corner of your nose to the center of your iris and up. This point is called the arch, so the very bottom of your arch should start right there. Mine does. Not everybody’s does. If yours doesn’t don’t worry about it. You’re gonna actually just mark that point. Here’s my eyeball and without poking myself in the eye we’re gonna go straight up and right there actually is where the arch of my eye brow is. I’m oddly symmetrical in some ways and then not at all in others. This is one of the ways that I am symmetrical. If you are not don’t worry about it. It’s not a bad thing.

What you wanna do is at that point -I’m using Horizon which is my natural brow color from Afterglow -at that point you want to make your mark of "this is the bottom of my brow." Just as you would want to do for "this is the beginning of my brow.” Now in a classic brow you’re basically going to take the bottom of the beginning point straight up to the arch. There’s no rounding here whatsoever. Same thing for the top. So when you take the top of the hairs and go straight over. There you go. That is what I call the up turn or the upswing of your eyebrow. So you’ll see how this part -the beginning -is fatter and this is skinnier. This is tapered, but it’s still a straight line and a straight line. They’re just converging. These actually are converging to a single point because you’re gonna go straight down, however far you want um I usually go down a little farther because the outside of my eyebrows is -I lost them a long time ago chemo had nothing to do with that. And we’re going to take the high point of the arch and converge it basically to a single point. Now it might look a little bit weird because I started off with a whole bunch of concealer on my eyebrows. So this is a classic brow.

Now these days the thin classic brow, which has come from many years of over tweezing is not in. It hasn’t been for a really long time. What you’re gonna do to make it bigger, fatter, more interesting is just go along that same line a little bit above. And a little bit above down here. A little tiny bit below, not too much. And we’re not gonna taper this so much. We’re gonna let it be a little bit fatter down here, so it’s not gonna go to a point. And so there we have a more modern brow. One thing that you can do to make it look more like a natural brow  is brush the hairs up. Now they’re really gonna stick up in my case because I have a shite ton of concealer on underneath that’s creating this creamy base for the powder and so you can see where the hairs really go up. If you don’t have any hairs because you’ve lost them from chemo or you have alopecia or some other condition where they just don’t exist this will not be necessary because all you’re gonna be doing is penciling in -or in my case because I love to use the powders I feel like they’re so much more natural -filling in the brow with the eye shadow powder.

On this side because I already showed you what the classic brow is that you can do yourself and there will be a template in the comments section below that will show you how to make those lines. So the thinnest one here is what they’re calling “slim”. And the cool thing about these is that she’s actually got these lines for where the arch should be and when you put it on I’m actually a slim, but it doesn’t fit my eye because I have a much smaller face than whoever these templates were made for. So on this side of the face we’re gonna do the full arch. See what that looks like. You reposition from one side to the other according to where your arch falls so wherever your arch is so here we go nn nn nn nn nn nn…right there. So there’s one part and then I reposition it for the other.

So let’s take a darker color, so we can really see what this is doing. Oooh, I’m gonna go for gray. This is a blue-gray that kinda matches my eyes. And I’m gonna get up close so we can really see what’s going on here. There’s my arch. That goes all the way over to here. I can’t really see cause I have my fingers in the way. Now, if I were going out to some sort of costume ball this might be something that I would do. Trying to get my fingers out of the way, so that both of us can see. Woah that’s gonna be big! And somehow the line didn’t get as tight down here, but that is a darn full brow!

So on this side let’s do something in between, not the slim one which we already saw what mine looked like anyway. Oo the high arch! That sounds nice. On this side I’m gonna use a color called slip -also from Afterglow. That is brown. Arch…and there’s my eyebrow, so I’d like to get the bottom lined up with the bottom of the template, so that when I get any extra it goes on the top. And the reason why I like to have more brow on the top and less on the bottom is that it will give me extra space for eyeshadow, which I call real estate in the eyelid. We’re just gonna go real fast here. And again, one of the things is that you wanna just do this real fast -not stupid fast so that you screw it up, but fast enough so that you can really get this on and be done with your brow. Now, if this is completely wrong, Anastasia, please rip me a new one in the comments below. I really think I wanna start using these and keeping that line in there I really like it. And since I have a little bit of fall out down here. Oh there we go.

Still pretty darn big and of course they’re really dark. The reason why I chose dark colors is to show you really what this looks like. So this side is more natural in color, but not my natural color because I don’t have hair that dark, but you can see that’s a pretty great full brow for me. I would totally do that. This one on the other hand makes me feel like I need to put on a clown nose. Obviously it’s in a crazy wacky gray color. Kinda matches my eyes, but it’s way too big.

Cut to the final product. It’s gonna look really odd to you because not only did I use two very different eyebrow shapes to demonstrate the vast difference of what you can do with eyebrows, but also that this color is a gray that I don’t even think is going to match anybody’s gray hair or a wig. This one’s more natural, but it’s not my natural, so it’s going to look really odd on me.

Now, here’s where these templates really are cool. There are five of them with five different shapes and they’re all different sizes from thin to -this was actually the biggest one. And this was somewhere in the middle. But then again I have very slight eyebrows that have been over tweezed for so many years that they’re never gonna come back and I just don’t draw my eyebrows on this big. My daughter on the other hand this is probably about where she draws hers on. This is personal preference. You can do anything you want with your brows. You can make ‘em green if you want to. Nobody is saying that one or the other is the right thing to do for you because it’s not and I’m definitely not going to tell you that. I don’t know that I’d ever do this one personally. This one, it’s growing on me. Now with my hat on I can see it. Mmm, yeah still not. It matches my eye too much. But this…yeah, I’d date her.

Bloopers: Ohh chemo brain. Now that’s a look I’ve always wanted to do is the like shave a couple pieces in between. Very classy. I look sinister. Groucho Marks anyone? No that’s Charlie Chaplin! Never can get those right. Purple. Sage? It’s so gangsta fresh. It’s a brow. It’s a big brow. It’s a big brown brow. Now it’s really wigging me out to see it from side to side. Is it totally like off the fuckin’ wall that I’m bald and I just did this? 





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